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Liscop 4000 Cattle Clipper

The Liscop 4000 Profi Line Cattle Clipper is a lightweight handset ergonomically designed with a vibration reducing system and energy efficient DC technology that gives more power from less energy.

This Clipper consists of a cooling system with special dual purpose ventilation system for the motor, clipping head and cutters and combs. The cutting speed is approximately 2,500 double strokes per minute and the cutter drive system is eccentric with novel tension distributor for smooth running and a longer lifespan. The air filters are easy to remove and clean with minimum guidance.<

The handset weighs 2.8lbs and has a 5m long cable. Comes in a durable case with A6 cutter & comb attached and clipping Oil. The machine has a guarantee period of 1 Year<

Best Suited for Clipping Backs of Cattle & Clean Animals (Ideal for Dairy Herds & Show Cattle)

Liscop Cattle Battery Clipper

TheLiscop Rechargeable Clipper is a new 7.2 volt clipper with Li-Ion battery. It allows you to clip cord free for up to 2 hours. It is a silent clipper with a slim and short housing giving it excellent grip. Due to the perfect distribution of weight, clipping over long periods is no longer tiresome. A new powerful motor along with a set of A107 blades ensures perfect clipping results. The Liscop Rechargeable Clipper comes with a set of A107 blades, battery charger and one spare battery all in a handy and solid plastic carrying case together with clipping oil.

Features of the Liscop Rechargeable Clipper:BWeight: 1,145g
Approx. 2,100 double strokes per minute Cutting speed
Dimensions: 50x49x315mm
Drive system: single step, encapsulated, self-lubricating
Clipping Head: Aluminium black coated
Cutter Drive System: "Whispering" oscillating with pressure distributor for longer life span run

Liscop 3000 Cattle Clipper

Mains powered 350 watt super cattle clipper 3000. Powerful but silent motor with extra power reserve. Fitted with A7 cutter and comb. Features special ventilation system for motor, gearbox, head and cutters. Air filter is removable without tools making cleaning easy. Robust, well engineered and high quality. Excellent for clipping dirty cattle etc. Complete in durable plastic carrying case with Liscop clipping oil.

Liscop Cutter & Comb - A6

Standard cutter and comb set for normal cattle clipping. Leaves 3mm hair. (will fit Liscop 3000 & 4000 machines)

Liscop A7 Cutter & Comb

Ideal for dirty cattle clipping or for horses with a very coarse coat.

Leaves 3mm hair.

Liscop A253 Blades

Ideal for veterinary and surgical use.

Cutting height 0.5mm.