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First Aid

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Disinfectant Spray - 200ml

Disinfectant Spray is guaranteed to eliminate harmful disease-causing micro-organisms which are capable of causing infections in humans and animals. Comes as a clear solution-to avoid highlighting injuries- it disinfects thoroughly and takes effect soon after contact. It is effective against bacteria viruses and fungi and is not neutralised by other substances such as blood or pus. Formulated according to modern scientific research it acts with phenolic compounds which are used in hospitals for disinfection prior to surgical procedures in operating rooms. Disinfectant spray is an indispensable aid when it comes to safe disinfection and is safe enough to use on humans not only in the stable. Use biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

Propolis Gel - 350ml

Natural substances from the bee hive offer fast relief for saddle and girth sores. It is a natural substance containi vitamins, resins, micro-nutrients and active plant substances. It is very effective for use on superficial abrasions as well as saddle sores. It can also function as a disinfectant but not sufficient for existing infections.

Silver Salve - 150ml

Silver Salve contains pure silver which by way of the enlarged surface area leads to continuous release of silver ions. This allows the silver's natural effects to unfold pushing. Supports the natural development of skin to calm and regenerate. High-quality plant oils provide dry cracked skin with moisture.

Zinc Oxide Spray - 200ml

Zinc Oxide spray is formulated according to modern scientific research. It dresses wounds by forming a film of protection and eliminates disease-causing micro-organisms which can infect humans and animals. It works quickly and effectively while supporting the natural regeneration of the skin. It alleviates upon contact and is not neutralised by other substances such as blood or puss.