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Adjustable Isobloc - 25

Adjustable for steel posts up to 14mm diameter.

Combination Screw-In - 25

These insulators are perfect for poly-tape, poly-rope and wire electric fences. They are designed to hold both tape up to 20mm wide and rope up to 7mm thick so you can change according to what animal you are enclosing at any one time. Because of the design, the tape is held away from the fence about 1.5". This makes these the ideal choice when your posts are knarled or twisted in some way. No more having to remove and realign the fenceposts just to have an effective stretch of electric fencing. Like the other screw in insulators, it's always best to drill a hole in the fencepost first as the strain can sometimes damage the insulator.

Corner Egg Insulators - 6

The Egg Insulators are high quality plastic insulators suitable for corner posts to prevent earthing of fence wire. The insulators are fire resistant and highly insulated. It can withstand temperature variations and insulating qualities gives longer life. It is easy to use and works ideally with wire or rope.

HD Insulator - 25

These Heavy Duty Insulators are an essential piece of equipment when setting up or repairing an electric fence. Manufactured from high quality materials to ensure they are durable and will last. Suitable for polywire.

Insulators for Oval Posts - 25

Oval Top Insulator for Fencing, replace old ones

Long Screw-In Ring - 10

These are distance insulators that screw into wooden fence posts and will hold rope or wire around 8 in / 20cm away from the post. Mostly used for horse electric fences they also make excellent perimeter insulators for poultry pens to stop foxes from climbing over the top.

Long Tape Insulator - 10

These tape insulators will hold either 20mm or 40mm electric fence tapes around 7 - 8 inches away from the fence post when in position and the unique head will hold your tape without crushing it. The tape is held in position within the insulator by a tongue which holds the polytape firm without damaging either the tape's structure or the conducting lines.

Nail-On Tape - 100

Nail on Tape Insulators can hold up to 40mm electric fence tape. Nails onto timber fence posts to securely hold your electric fencing in place.