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Left Elevated Cattle Shoe - Large - Blue

Shoof Cattle Shoe is used to help in the treatment of lameness in cattle. Elevation of the healthy claw gives relief to the affected claw, assisting in a speedy recovery.

It is purposefully constructed in a very open manner. This allows the hoof to “breathe” which is essential for a fast recovery. The medication and bandage supplied with the Shoof are also essential for successful treatment. The Shoof copper-sulphate medication is effective in curing and hardening the hoof-horn, even in the worst conditions. The special Shoof bandage supplied acts like a filter, keeping dirt out and the copper-sulphate in, even if the animal is walking in very bad conditions (eg: dairy farm roads and yards, and muddy paddocks).

Cattle Shoof can be re-used many times with the Shoof Refill-Kit. Non-standard bandage or medication may cause failure of Shoof. Each Cattle Shoof will last years of re-use.

Shoof kit comes complete with a copper sulphate sachet, a special bandage along with the heavy duty plastic shoe.

Agrihealth Hoof Pairing Disc Metal 115mm

Abrasive single-sided metal disc for cattle hoof pairing.

Cattle Shoe - Refill Kit

Refill kit contains copper sulphate medication sachet, Shoof bandage and replacement tie-string.

Cowslips Adhesive Liquid - 180ml

Liquid for adhesion of Cowslip shoes

Cowslips Adhesive Liquid - 18ml

This Cowslip Liquid bottle contains 18ml of fluid for 1 Cowslip.

Cowslips Original - 10 - Mixed

Cowslips are orthopaedic shoes for the treatment of lameness in cattle. Made from highly durable PVC. Fitted to the healthy claw, Cowslips take the weight off the affected claw, thus alleviating pain and accelerating healing. The cows mobility improves, weight is gained and milk yield increases. Cowslips are the only application for the treatment of lameness, providing increased support for the hoof wall.

The Cowslips unique hoof-like design increases the surface area for adhesion ensuring they remain in place for 4-6 weeks before self-shedding.

Pack contains 5 x right hand shoes, 5x left hand shoes, adhesive powder, liquid hardener and mixing spatula.