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Sirocco - 25kg

Sirocco™ is formulated from a combination of mineral absorbents (clay), vegetal (vegetable oil) compounds, and essential oils that provide a safe, natural, and effective sanitation of stalls, outdoor shelters, paddocks, and trailers. It is specially formulated to keep bedding dry by absorbing urine and moisture.

Sirocco™ absorbs fluids and moisture from bedding; hinders the conversion of urine and manure to ammonia and nitrogen gasses; reduces fermentation and heat generation; and development of unpleasant and irritating odors. The essential oils sanitize the air and repel insects. Sirocco™ is the perfect answer to hygiene and odor challenges within stables and other confined areas and helps to extend the life expectancy of animal bedding.

Sirocco™ is the ultimate treatment for all bedding materials including Straw, Wood Shavings, Hemp, paper and other bedding products.