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Dentisept - 20g

Dentisept Adhesive Dental Paste contains chlorhexidine, a well established disinfectant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredient which will support treatment in dogs and cats that are recovering from plaque build up, tartar and gingivitis. Dentisept will bind to the enamel of your pet's teeth, releasing its antiseptic properties over 24 hours, protecting hypersensitive gums from irritations and stimulating recovery. With its vanilla flavour, your pet will accept the paste without much fuss. Common conditions found in pet's mouths include: • Gingivitis (gum inflammation) • Stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth) • Periodontitis (inflammation around the tooth) • Mouth ulcers • Infected sores Dentisept is also useful as a topical cream in cases such as: • Sore or infected skin • Skin fold dermatitis-infection and inflammation around facial areas • Sores in between the toes (pododermatitis) • Infected anal glands