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Frogade - 200ml

A natural effective care for soles of hooves and frogs, for hoof conditions associated with damp and dirty environments. The attached brush helps to remove decayed horn and supports blood circulation. Works by drying out the sole and frog, jojoba oil provides a natural protective coating to the hoof. To use, apply onto the frog and sole and carefully work into any cracks. Massage in with the brush until a light foam forms, then allow to dry. For first week of use apply daily, thereafter use 2-3 times per week. Can be used with in alternation with Hoof Lab Grease or Hoof Lab Natural Balm.

Frogmedic Spray - 200ml

A highly concentrated spray to use on soles that have become soggy and decaying. Penetrates deep into the sole reaching decayed spots and drying out any moisture. Contains the natural ingredients pine heartwood extract and tea tree oil. Apply daily to cleaned frog and sole for 1 - 2 weeks, allow to dry. Once under control, Frogade can be used to prevent further decaying.

Hoof Lab Elastic Cream - 200ml

A natural hoof elastic cream that supports the moisture balance. Helps to keep the hooves smooth and shiny. Uses active ingredients such as sallow thorn that has antioxidant properties, ceramides that regualte moister, lecithin which prevents drying out and stabilies the pH value of the hoof and grapeseed oil that contains linoleic acid which keep keratin elasticty. Apply to hoof walls, sole and frog 2 - 3 times a week until desired effect is achieved. Can be used alongside Natural Oil Balm to help increase moisture. Comes with new easy-to-use applicator. Petroleum free.

Hoof Lab Hoof Grease - 750ml

A natural hoof product at a great price point. The hoof grease is absorbed quickly and seals moisture in. Using laurel-eucalyptus to nourish and strengthen, eucalyptus oil promotes natural growth and elasticity, also contains clove oil. Can be used daily. Petroleum free

Hoof Lab Hoof Hardner - 200ml

A natural hoof hardener, reduces crack and abrasions of the horn. It is ideal for barefoot horses. Can also be used for horses with soggy, chipped hooves, cracks around nail holes, low heels, seperating hoof walls and can help to create a firm seat for the shoe. Contains active ingredients from Tannin oak bark which is a natural hardening agent. Also contains natural sunflower oil, coconut oil, linseed oila dn Biotin. Apply to clean outer horn wall and sole 3 times a week until the hoof is hardened. Do not apply to the coronary band, heel or frog. For shod horses, apply to nail holes to help strengthen damage. Can be used in conjunction with Hoof Lab Natural oil Balm to improve horn stucture. Comes with new easy-to-use applicator. Petroleum free.

Hoof Lab Hoof Oil - 450ml

A natural hoof oil that moisturises the hoof and creates shine. Activates hoof growth. Contains active ingredients from avocada, jojoba, sesame and calendula that help nourish and keep the hoof strong. Comes with an integrated brush for ease of application. Ideal for everyday use. Petroleum free.

Hoof Lab Natural Oil Balm - 500ml

A naturally nourishing creamy balm that makes hooves strong and elastic. Contains biotin which supports the natural building of nutrients in the hoof and enhances the quality of the hoof horn. The moisture is quickly absorbed into the capillaries which helps to moisten hooves that have become dry and brittle, particularly in hot weather. Contains active ingredients from sunflower oil, coconut oil, biotin, silica, natural jelly, beeswax and caranauba wax. Ideally used for horses with brittle, dry feet generally seen during the summer monthes. Can be used daily and can be used in conjunction with Elastic Cream for extra moisture and elasticity. Petroleum free.