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Clipping & Trimming

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Black Beauty - with battery pack

The Black Beauty is our most powerful clipper. Developed and tested in the UK the Black Beauty has been designed to cut through the heaviest of winter coats with ease and can run for extended periods without over-heating making this the ideal clipper for those who need a trouble free hardworking machine. Box contains a handset fitted with A2 Cutter & Combs oil brush and instruction manual. Reliable At Liveryman we have utilised brushless motor technology you to develop a clipper is more reliable more efficient and more powerful than a standard clipper motor. The Black Beauty’s motor has been designed to have less moving parts that are subject to wear and tear. This means less vibration less noise and increased reliability.Lightweight For a large clipper we have worked hard to make the Black Beauty lighter and slimmer than many traditional clippers. The result is a clipper that is easy to handle manoeuvre and will reduce user fatigue while clipping. Variable Speed Variable speed allows you to be able to adjust the speed of the blades. By slowing the speed you can further reduce the noise level and vibration of the clipper. This is really good for nervous horses horses being clipped for the first time or for clipping more sensitive areas such as heads and legs. Clip Anywhere The Black Beauty can be used as mains clipper but also has the additional option to use with an external battery pack which will give you 4 hours of clipping time with no loss of power. This give you the flexibility to use the Black Beauty anywhere and also means you have the option to clip without have cables on the floor which is extremely useful when clipping a restless or nervous horse.

Black Beauty Battery Pack

Battery pack suitable for the Liveryman Black Beauty clipper and the Liveryman Bruno.

Black Beauty Tension Set

Replacement Tension set for Black Beauty clipper.

Classic Adjustable Blade

Spare blade for the Classic Trimmer. These ceramic snap on blades are sharper and will stay sharper for up to 200 clipping hours which is way beyond the lifespan of traditional steel blades. This provides consistent and precise trimming all the time.

Harmony Plus - No Blade

Our most versatile clipper yet. The Harmony Plus can be used as both a clipper or a trimmer and is extremely quiet. It is easy to use regardless of ability and is suitable for daily use. If you want one machine to do all then this is the clipper for you. Box contains a handset fitted with A5 blade oil brush and instruction manual. Optional battery pack also available to purchase separately. Low Noise Low Vibration The Harmony Plus is one of our quietist clippers making it ideal for horses that are not used to frequent clipping nervous horses or horses being clipped for the first time. Easy Change Blade System Switch from a wide clipping blade to a narrow trimming blade quickly and easily and best of all they require no tensioning. With a wide variety of blades available you can alter both the cutting height and width to suit the job at hand. No Cables The Harmony plus is a cordless clipper with a long enough runtime to do a full clip. The additional option of an external battery means you can extend the clipping time. No cables mean you can concentrate on clipping without worrying about keeping the cables away from horses’ feet. This is also useful for clipping restless horses or nervous horses which can be unpredictable while clipping. The Harmony plus is designed to be used anywhere. Wide blade model – Comes with Wide medium 2.4mm blade Narrow Blade model – Comes with narrow 10 blade – leaves 1.5mm of hair Vet model – comes with narrow 40 blade – leaves 0.25mm of hair 2 blade model – comes with both the wide medium and the narrow 10 blades.

Liscop 3000

Mains powered 350 watt super horse clipper 3000 with powerful and silent motor with extra power reserve. Fitted with A2 cutter and comb. Features special ventilation system for motor, gear-box, head and cutters. Robust, well engineered and high quality. Complete in durable plastic carrying case with Liscop clipping oil.

Liscop 4000

Bringing even more power and refined technology to the Liscop range, the 4000 mains powered horse clipper is ergonomically designed with a lightweight handset and vibration reducing system. Complete with A2 blades, a durable care and clipping oil.

Liscop A102 Blades

For day-to-day grooming in horses and cattle whos hair is fine to medium thickness, offering a clean, close cut. Also suitable for udder clipping.

3mm cutting height

Liscop A122 Fine Blades

For clipping close to the skin.

Cutting height 1mm.

Liscop A2 Blades

Standard cutter and comb set for normal horse clipping.

Leaves 3mm hair.

Liscop A22 Blades

For clipping close to the skin.

Cutting height 1mm.

Liscop Blades - A2 Comb

A102 – Very close clipping. Leaves 0.5mm hair. A122 - Fine cutter and comb set for close horse clipping. Leaves 1mm hair. A22 – Fine cutter and comb for standard clipping. Leaves 1mm hair. A2 - Standard cutter and comb set for normal horse clipping. Leaves 3mm hair.