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Acegon - 20ml

Indicated for the treatment of ovarian follicular cysts in cattle (cows and heifers) and in association with artificial insemination to optimise the time of ovulation. Active ingredient: Gonadorelin

Alizin - 10ml

Pregnant bitches: induction of abortion up to 45 days after mating. Active ingredient: Aglepristone

Altresyn - 1080ml

For the synchronisation of oestrus in sexually mature gilts. Active ingredient: Altrenogest

Altresyn Applicator

Applictor for distribution of Altresyn product

Bioestrovet - 20ml

By its ability to shorten the life span of the corpus luteum Bioestrovet can be used to treat certain clinical conditions which delay breeding, to manipulate the oestrous cycle to better fit certain management practices, and to induce abortion. Bioestrovet should be administered by INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION. Only cattle with a functional C.L. can respond to the luteolytic action of Bioestrovet. In the cycling animal there are refractory periods of 4 to 5 days before and after ovulation when cattle are not responding to prostaglandin. Therapeutic indications: 2 mL Abortion: 1.5 mL (2 mL for animals over 455 kg) Controlled breeding: 2 mL

Chorulon - 25ml

Chorulon is presented in vials as a white freeze-dried crystalline plug containing 1500 i.u. human chorionic gonadotrophin. This product may only be prescribed by your local veterinary practitioner from whom advice should be sought. . Active ingredient: Chorionic Gonadotrophin

Chronogest Applicator

For the applicator of Chronogest sheep sponges.

Chronogest Sponges - 25

Chronogest CR consists of a white sponges impregnated with 20mg micronised cronolone (flugestone acetate) for use in ewes. This product may only be prescribed by your local veterinary practitioner from whom advice should be sought. Active ingredient: Flugestone acetate

Cyclix - 20ml

For the induction of luteolysis allowing resumption of oestrus and ovulation in cycling female cattle when used during dioestrus; synchronisation of oestrus (within 2 to 5 days) in groups of cycling females treated simultaneously; treatment of suboestrus and uterine disorders related to a functional or persistent corpus luteum (endometritis, pyometra); treatment of ovarian luteal cysts; induction of abortion until day 150 of pregnancy; expulsion of mummified foetuses; induction of parturition. For all indications: 2 ml corresponding to 0.5 mg cloprostenol/animal, injected intramuscularly. In order to synchronise oestrus in groups of female cattle, it is recommended that the product is administered on two occasions with a treatment interval of 11 days. Withdrawals Meat and offal: 2 days Milk: Zero days

Eazibreed CIDR - 10

For the control of the oestrus cycle in cycling cows and heifers including synchronisation of oestrus in groups of animals and synchronisation of donor adnd recipient animals for embryo transfer. Active ingredient: Progesterone

Enzaprost 5mg/ml 30ml

Cattle: Oestrius synchronisation ~Treatment of silent heat in cows ~Induction of abortion to 120 days of pregnancy ~Induction of parturition ~For the aid of treatment of chronic metritis/pyometra. Pigs: Induction of parturition from day 111 of preganncy ~Reduction of the weaning to oestrus interval in sows with puerperal problems such as metritis.

Estrumate - 10ml

Cloprostenol is a synthetic prostaglandin analogue structurally related to Prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α), for use in cattle and horses. As a potent luteolytic agent it causes functional and morphological regression of the corpus luteum (luteolysis) in cattle and horses followed by return to oestrus and normal ovulation. Note There is a refractory period of four to five days after ovulation when cattle and horses are insensitive to the luteolytic effect of prostaglandins. Estrumate has a good safety margin and does not impair fertility. No deleterious effects have been reported on the progeny conceived at the oestrus following treatment. Cattle: • Suboestrus or non-detected oestrus • Induction of parturition • Termination of normal pregnancy • Termination of abnormal pregnancy • Mummified foetus • Hydrops of the foetal membranes • Chronic endometritis (pyometra) • Ovarian luteal cysts • Controlled breeding Cattle: 2ml in lactating cattle. The treatment must be administer immediately after milking. Administer by intramuscular injection observing normal aseptic precautions. Care should be taken to avoid injection through wet or dirty areas of skin. Withdrawals: Cattle: Meat 1day, Milk 0 hours