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Leather Care Intensive - 250ml

A special natural leather care product that cleans and creates a smooth, matt look. Ideal for use on riding boots. Using a special wax from the carnauba palm. Active dirt loosening agents make for effortless cleaning. Once applied, the caranuaba wax turns into a matt, sheen finish and this also helps to waterproof the leather. If desired, an additional quick buffing yields an even more lustrous finish. Protects against mould and mildew. Petroleum Free.

Leather Care Spray - 250ml

A natural leather cleaning spray. The leather is refreshed, protected and preserved. The spray cleanses and removes dirt from the leather, helping to create a natural shine. Petroleum Free. Perfect to use to clean leather before applying leovet Leather Cream to moisturise.

Leather Dressing - 500ml

Revives aged and worn leather giving it a new look with a natural shine. Daily gentle care without over-saturating the leather. Protects against mould and mildew. Petroleum Fre - Eco Friendly.

Leather Foam - 200ml

A creamy grooming, all-in-one foam that cleanses leather, replenishes its oils, plus preserves and protects with anti-oxidants. Foam is applied directly to the leather then a soft cloth is used to rub off the dirt. Glycerine and a non-foaming tenside remove dirt gently yet thoroughly, but without drying out the leather. In contrast, water and alcohol would dry out the leather and make it brittle. The glycerine also replenishes the leathers oils like a smooth moisturising agent. Anti-oxidants and preservatives form a finish to guard against mould formation and protects against wear. Extra buffing will intensify the shine that this easy and time-saving product naturally leaves.

Leather Oil - 450ml

A natural fine oil that nourishes heavily used leather wihout leaving a greasy film. The fine natural oils penetrate quickly and deeply into the leather making it smooth and durable. Easy to apply with integrated brush. Economical to use. Petroleum free. Perfect to use to moisturise after the leather has been cleaned with Leovet Leather Soap. Top Tip - can also be used on boot zips to help lubricate.

Leather Soap - 500ml

Pure plant oils clean deep down and make the leather elastic. The high glycerine and fat content have a nutritional effect. The semi-solid preparation allows the product to be effortlessly dissolved in water. Oil soap is also very well suited as a universal cleaning agent in both the stable and the house. It is fully bio-degradable and does not contain phosphates.

Leathercream - 200ml

The good olde leather cream nourishes leather with natural bee's wax, caster oil, lanolin, and carnauba wax. The cream deeply penetrates, conditioning the leather and keeping it pliable and supple. It maintains its original good grip and simply stays newer looking for much longer. Keep precious leather looking like new for longer.