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Actisaf - 25kg

Actisaf Sc 47 is the market leader in protected live yeast. The unique manufacturing process used to produce the granules ensures that the live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae core is protected from heat and moisture by a layer of dead yeast cells.Only Actisaf Sc 47 has this stability, which means that more yeast cells reach the rumen alive, making Actisaf Sc 47 the most cost effective live yeast available. Adding Actisaf® Sc 47 to animal feeds has been seen to boost the performance of animals by improving their rumen/gut microbiota biotop. This not only improves feed digestibility and energy supply but also the overall health status and well-being of animals, even in challenging conditions (Heat stress, feed transition…). Actisaf® Sc 47 helps optimise herd management to deliver full genetic potential, improving breeding efficiency and profits in today’s farming environment in which sustainability is highly prized.

Agrihealth Multivit Extra - 150g

Extra high potency soluble powder feedstuff for poultry, pigs & calves to supplement vitamins in the diet. Use for 5-10 days. Add 150g to every 200 litres of water. Ensure the product is thoroughly mixed with water prior to feeding. Ensure clean drinking water is available. Use the solution within 7 days of preparation.

Bactocell - 200g

BACTOCELL is a feed additive based on a live lactic acid bacteria (Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM I-4622 – MA 18/5M). It has been used for more than 20 years as a probiotic in animal nutrition and is authorized in the European Union for use in poultry, in all avian species (laying hens and minor avian species, such as ducks), in swine (fattening pigs) as well as in aquaculture, in fish and shrimp. BACTOCELL is a homofermentative bacteria selected for its ability to convert non-digestible complex carbohydrates into L+ lactic acid. It can survive throughout the gut and plays an important role in microbiota balance, intestinal system maturity, and digestive efficiency. BACTOCELL can be used in organic production under regulation (EC) No 2018/848.

Boviferm Plus - 115g

Boviferm Plus is a supplementary feeding-stuff for the diarrheoic calf, offering rehydration and additional benefits. Containing electrolytes, dextrose, buffering agents, lactic acid bacteria, vegetable mucins and mineral bulking agents, Boviferm Plus is an excellent aid to the recovery of scouring calves. Uses Supplementary feeding stuff for the diarrheoic calf. Boviferm Plus solution is suitable to be fed with milk. For rapid rehydration and acidosis correction. Benefits High rehyration properties and Strong Ion Difference (SID)r Can be mixed with milk Calf can remain on milk feed Contains Oralin, a microbial additive that stabilises the gut flora

Cobalt 12 Guard

Cobalt 12 Guard High is a Slow Release Multi Trace Element & Vitamin Pellet. The continuous slow release CHELATED Cobalt Pellet combining Copper, Iodine, Selenium & Multi Vitamins for thrive & growth in young lambs.

Cobalt Sulphate - 1kg

Cobalt Sulphate is vital for ruminant animals, ie cattle, sheep, Goats. Cobalt Sulphate helps the the enzymes of the gut by aiding in the production of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is vital for the gut microbes to convert the stomach contents into digestible matter that is used for energy and weight gain. Therefore, if cobalt is in short supply, this will restrict the manufacture of vitamin B12 and this will result in the lambs not being able to properly digest their food. Cobalt Sulphate can help with keep cobalt levels up in the animals by mixing it with water and giving it as aan oral drench. Features of Cobalt Sulphate Essential for ruminant animals Increases production of Vitamin B12 Used by animal to produce energy Mixing Rate: 100 grams with 5ltr Water Dosage: 30ml per Ewe

Dextrose - 25kg

Meritose (dextrose) is a glucose type that is produced in plants and during the digestion of starches. Glucose is a solid white material and one of the most important fuels in the body, which provides direct energy as it is absorbed through the blood.

Dextrose - 2kg

Meritose (dextrose) is a glucose type that is produced in plants and during the digestion of starches. Glucose is a solid white material and one of the most important fuels in the body, which provides direct energy as it is absorbed through the blood.

Diaproof Pro - 100g x24

Diaproof® Pro is a specialised electrolyte supplement for calves, lambs, goat kids and foals. It is indicated to support physiological digestion by stabilising water and electrolyte balance during periods of, or recovery from, diarrhoea. Oral rehydration therapy is an important component of the treatment of calf scour as it provides energy and helps stabilise electrolytes and acidosis. Diaproof Pro contains ingredients that not only correct electrolyte imbalance and acidosis, but also slow stool transit time and change the consistency of stools. One sachet easily mixes with 2 litres of warm water and should be fed three times, at 12 hour intervals.

Diet Powder

Diarrhoea is the leading cause of mortality in calves and young ruminants, and is responsible for late growth. These disorders are caused by the weakening of the intestinal wall, sapping animals’ energy and triggering leakage of minerals and electrolytes. Diet: a natural regulator of the digestive system Thanks to unique Olmix Group technology, the hydrodispersible micronized clay in Diet acts in association with specific algae extracts to protect the intestinal wall. The Diet formula also stabilizes the water and electrolyte balance thanks to algal and electrolytic nutrients, facilitating the digestive process.