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Oral Preperations, Gels & Licks

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Agger's Pro Calcium - 600ml x12

For prevention of milk fever and treatment of sub-clinical milk fever. It provides a much higher dose of calcium than a bottle of 40% calcium injection under the skin. The calcium drench has a greater and longer lasting preventative effect than subcutaneous calcium injections. It comes in an easy to administer single cow dosing bottle. Dosage & Administration Give one bottle at calving and another bottle 8-12 hours later to any high risk cows.

Airvent Syrup - 2.5lt

Vapour releasing syrup to open the airways, rich in Vitamin C and essential oils for optimal air flow. Ideal for: Youngstock Horses in pre-training Horses and ponies sensitive to dust, mould and pollen Horses in an intensive indoor environment, such as large stable blocks Horses with challenged or compromised immune system Features & Benefits: Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant to maintain a healthy immune system Honey – a natural soothing agent Peppermint & Eucalyptus – aromatic oils combined to open up the airways The Strict Anti-Doping Formulation Ensured (S.A.F.E) marks Foran Equine AIRvent as free from prohibited substances and are safe for use in competition and racing horses. Includes a 30ml pump or cap for easy administration.

Animax Easycal Paste - 8

Calcium is contained in a small, egg-shaped pump and is delivered to cows orally through an attached hook applicator. The product is designed to reduce the risk of milk fever in calving cows, is small enough to fit in a pocket and doesn't have to be administered with a large applicator gun. The product is a liquid solution containing 60g of calcium which is up to 40% greater than you would find in most calcium boluses. Easycal is used to balance the sudden drop in blood calcium levels at or around calving and can also be used as a supplement following treatment of milk fever by calcium injection as a means of ensuring the cow receives an extended supply of calcium. Calcium is contained in a small, egg-shaped pump and is delivered to cows orally through an attached hook applicator. Supplementation Instructions: For reduction of the risk of milk fever supplement with one bottle (equivalent to 60g Calcium) at the first sign of calving. A second dose can be given 12-15 hours after the first and can be repeated at 12-15 hour intervals.

Animax Pardevit E - 1lr

Pardevit E is a multi trace element and vitamin supplement for new born and growing livestock. It is a short term, nutritional aid that delivers cobalt, selenium, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, vitamin E and vitamin A supplementation in drench form. Ideal to maintain the growth and development of pre-ruminant livestock until Allsure bolus products can be used. Application guidelines Use 1ml for lambs up to 6 weeks old and 2.5 – 3.5ml for lambs over 6 weeks old. Can be repeated monthly if necessary. See label for full guidelines. Content per ml Cobalt 2.12mg Selenium 1.26mg Vitamin A 11,830i.u Vitamin D3 2,620i.u Vitamin E 47.2i.u Vitamin B12 21g

Apollo Vet - 500ml

Apollo Vet is a complimentary feedstuff for livestock. An oral solution, it can be given as a supplement to improve the overall health of your animals. Apollo Vet is suitable for horses, cattle, sheep, dogs, cats & poultry.

Aqua Lamb - 100ml

Newborn lambs (especially those born indoors) are extremely susceptible to bacterial infections caused by unfavourable bacteria (such as e-coli) colonising in the gut. Aqua Lamb will help provide protection from these infections.

Aqual DG - 1lt

Supports Gastrointestinal, Liver and Kidney function AQUAL DG is a nutritional supplement specifically developed to support gastrointestinal function during infectious disease challenges and at times of stress. Ingredients Contains a highly concentrated blend of essential oils and amino acids which support productivity in poultry, particularly during periods of stress. Benefits • Improved uniformity • Better weight for age • Improving foot pad scores • Better litter integrity • Improved technical performance Ingredients AQUAL DG is a specifically developed water soluble formulation, which contains a highly concentrated blend of essential oils and amino acids which support productivity in poultry, particularly during periods of stress. For more information and details please call our vet team. Benefits It has unique taste and flavour that promotes feed intake and supports intestinal health especially in times of physiological stress and infectious disease challenge. Thymol, Eugenol, carvacrol have been demonstrated to promote appetite especially during periods of stress. Certain essential oils reduce Eimeria infection pressure. Threonine: is a key amino acid in supporting gastrointestinal health and specifically in the generation and repair of the mucus lining of the gastrointestinal tract. The mucosal barrier is a key primary defense mechanism against pathogen invasion and adherence. Arginine promotes healthy intestinal vasculature which supports gastrointestinal absorption of food in addition to repair of damaged enterocytes. The inclusion levels of the key active ingredients have been determined to provide the maximum health benefit to poultry when consumed at the recommended inclusion rate in water while also providing most economic benefit. Application Examples Days 7-12 (Aid to counter malabsorption) Days 16-21/22 (Intestinal health support) Days 32 + (Intestinal health support)

Aqual DX - 1lt

Supporting Immunity AQUAL DX can be used in poultry for layers, broilers, breeders and turkeys. Ingredients A combination of nutrients and speciifc herbs extracts that function as potent anti-oxidants limiting the damage of free radicals in poultry. Benefits • Combat oxidative stress and its negative effects • Liver Protection • Disease recovery Feeding Instructions For use post disease challenges. Also for use in day olds where there are chick quality issues. Use post vaccination. Consult the Xperial team or your veterinary/nutritionist before use. Very low inclusion rate, from 200-400ml / 1000 litres of drinking water over 12-24hrs.

Aqual HT - 1lt

Supports Stress Ingredients Combination of specific nutrients such as Valerian Extract and Vitamin E. Benefits • Calming effect for a better feed conversion • Heat Stress Reduction Stimulate the active uptake of dietary fat • Better energy metabolism Feeding Instructions Dilute 200-400ml per 1000 litres of drinking water. Available in 500ml and 1 litre pack size. Consult the Xperial team or your veterinary/nutritionist before use.

Aqual PR - 1lt

Supports Appetite, Gastro Intestinal and Immune Functions improving feed conversion AQUAL PR can be used in poultry for layers, broiler breeders, broilers and turkeys. Ingredients A combination of nutrients and specific ingredients such as Salix alba extract carried on a very specific emulsifier that also functions as a performance aid. For more information and details contact our vet team. Benefits • Supports treatment of locomotory disorders improving the joints condition by suppressing the inflammation reaction. • Through its function as an anti inflammatory it dampens down the immune reaction in times of intestinal stress maintaining feed intakes. • A combination of natural salicylates isolated from willow bark. Natural salicylates act with anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. • Feeding Instructions For use in day olds to alleviate the issue of gizzard erosion. Also for use at the diagnoses of malabsorption or intestinal inflammation. It can also be used in layers to alleviate inflammation and appetite support. Consult your Veterinarian / Nutritionist before use. Very low inclusion rate, from 200-400ml / 1000 litres of drinking water. Solubility in water is excellent and no biofilm risk.

Aspidyn-T - 5lt

AspidynT is a phytotherapeutic product consisting of a blend of botanicals. It contains acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) which has been used for years in poultry medicine because of its well-known anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic properties. When used early in the onset of a dysbacteriosis challenge, AspidynT can significantly reduce the need for medication and help maintain performance as flocks undergo the challenge. We have also used it extensively in laying flocks to help control feather pecking and aggression and mortality associated with E.coli.

Avi Vit 33 Selenbooster 5ltr

Avi Vit 33 SELENOBOOSTER is a unique concentrated formulation based on a blend of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids developed by Mervue Laboratories in Ireland. It is intended for use in animal production for increasing and supporting performance. This oral solution product is indicated to fulfil the daily needs of vitamins, calcium amino-acids and selenium levels for broilers and laying hens in intensive breeding farms. The solution is recommended for: ✓ Improving the performance, daily weight gain and feed conversion ✓ Improving the development of the young broiler chicks and stimulate the feather growth ✓ Reducing stress after vaccinations, transport, change of the feed ✓ Improving the egg numbers, quality of the eggs and improving shell quality.