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Walkease Starter Kit - Large - Blue

Shoof Walkease Blocks have been created as an early intervention hoof claw prosthetic. It is not intended to replace other conventional claw shoes currently on the market. The Shoof Walkease Blocks are made from flexible EV material, that is soothing for the cow to walk on. The greatest advantage of the walkease is its speed and ease of application. Shoof Walkease Block can be used either way up, so suit both left and right claws. The blocks should stay on from 7-14 days, which is generally long enough for the treated claw to have made a recovery in cases where the trauma was quite mild. After this period the block will have worn away on it's own and so there is no need for handling the animal again to remove the block.

The Shoof Walkease Starter Kit comprises 10 Walkease blocks, a special Walkease hoof rasp and 10 pairs of latex gloves, all packed in a useful resealable plastic container. (Glue is sold separately)
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