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Up & Over (Mounting & Pole Block) - Blue

(S523) 3 step version of mountie ideal for mounting larger horses. Shallow cups moulded into both sides allows creation of training triple jumps. Simple to nest, it also has a slip resistant surface. Height:63.5cm, Width:52cm, Length:74cm, Weight:9.5kg
Brand: Stubbs
Availability: In stock
SKU: 203939
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Stud Muffins - 45 pack

A ridiculously tasty range of horse treats containing a host of beneficial ingredients including linseed, fenugreek and wholegrains to ensure they are as delicious as they are nutritious.

45 pack – Loose treats in resealable bag.

YR8 Sparkly - 57cm - Black/Black

The YR8 Sparkly adds high visibility shine to the popular YR8 helmet. With four discreet ventilation holes and microfibre suede side panels, it comes with a fun Charles & Owen lorry box. Made of a special sparkle fibre, the centre panel is seamlessly complementary and adds a bit of sparkle to your everyday riding kit to let you shine in the arena! Safety Standards: Kite marked to PAS15:2011; CE marked to VG1:01.040 2014-12 Black/Silver and Navy/Silver are special order only

YR8 Microsuede - 52cm - Black

Fully trimmed in microfibre suede, the YR8 features four discreet ventilation holes for added coolness and comfort during extended periods of use. It comes in a fun Charles & Owen lorry box with an SOS card for all your medical information. Available in Round Fit in sizes 6 7/8 - 71/4 (Extra Colours TO ORDER ONLY. Allow 2 weeks lead time) Safety Standards: Kite marked to PAS015:2011; CE marked to VG1:01.040 2014-12

Half Saddle Pad with Synthetic Lambskin - Full - Black/Natural

High quality riding pad with synthetic lambskin. Ensures great pressure distribution, with velcro for easy fastening. Upper material:65% polyester, 35% cotton. Lining: 100% polyester