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Silvermoor Grassabix Net

The Grassabix net is the perfect holder for our delicious Grassabix blocks. The net has been specially designed with small holes to slow down consumption. Not only does this make the Grassabix last longer, but it also has great health benefits for their digestion. Slowing down eating means that saliva is produced over a longer period of time which in turn protects the gut against gastric issues such as ulcers. The perfect boredom breaker!
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leovet Anti Bite Spray

Anti-bite protects wood, metal, plastics, bandages and other accessories from being gnawed and chewed by the horse. Can also protect mane and tails against nibbling. Contains the highly effective ingredient Bitrex™ as the active ingredient which is bitterest substance known to man but yet is completely harmless to health. It also contains the active plant ingredient Capsaicin.

Anti-bite is very bitter but is odourless, colourless and leaves no stains and residues.


Eco Grooming Box Linnea Pink

High quality grooming box in recycled plastic. The perfect companion in the stable and at competitions. Retractable handle, closable snap fastening, doubly adjustable partition, removable small parts compartment and its light weight make it stand out! Size: W: 42 cm, H: 30 cm, D: 28 cm - Made from recycled material - Resource-saving - Incl. sticker for individual labelling - Undecorated

Silvermoor Grassabix - Magical Minty Unicorn

These 1kg blocks are a tasty treat for horses and ponies and can be used as a treat, boredom buster or as a forage replacement. They can be fed directly from the bag or soaked in water to create a delicious mash. These yummy blocks have been compressed for easy feeding, storage and handling.

Mint flavour with a splash of magic and a sprinkle of sparkle this will give your four-legged friend a well-deserved spring in their step.