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Riding Stock - Pin Spot - White/Metallic Silver

Polka dot woven jacquard fabric keeping them looking great every season. Self tying with instructions on how to tie them! Hand wash. woven 100% polyester
Brand: Equetech
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leovet Bio-Skin Oil

A luxurious, long-lasting lotion that soothes bothersome itching and deters rubbing.

Contains natural ingredients.
-St. John Wort - soothes irritation and is particularly effect for dry and cracked skin. Ideal for nourishing sensitive skin.
-Bio-sulphur fluid - soothes bothersome itching and rubbing tendencies for lasting effect. It regenerates the skin and keeps it smooth and supple thus enhancing its natural qualities. 
-Calendula oil - Increases resilience of sensitive skin and supports skin regeneration. Promotes circulation and therefore increases hair growth on bald spots.
- Carrot oil - Characterised by its particularly high content of vitamin A and provitamin A. Suitable for nourishing dry and cracked skin as it makes the skin soft and supple and is extremely moisturising.
- Sunflower oil - Has a soothing effect and is moisturising. Also reinforces the natural protective barrier. 

Very economical! A little goes a long way. Applied thinly twice daily.


leovet Coat Sheen & Tangle Free

Detangles mane and tail for faster easier grooming and provides silky shine and softness.

It adds volume and fullness to long-hair while protecting it against damage.


Shavings Fork Head - Black

Made from ultra durable plastic, making this shavings fork nearly indestructible! Perfect for use in both hot and cold weather (frost). Shaped with raised edges to aid mucking out.

Head only - No Handle (sold separate)

LxWxH - 41 x 36 x 11cm

Silvermoor Unicorn Treatsies

Minty flavoured with a splash of magic and a sprinkle of sparkle these will give your special four legged friends a well-deserved treat. To maintain a low sugar and low starch diet.

1kg bag. Outer quantity 15