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Pro Dri Long Sleeve Parlour Jacket - Large - Navy

The Monsoon Pro Dri parlour clothing is constructed from a durable, waterproof and breathable material. Zip neck, with waterproof gusset Fully waterproof material Breathable Available in long or short sleeve
Brand: Monsoon
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SKU: 129050
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Agrihealth Stomach Tube & Bag - 3lt

3ltr capacity flexible feeding bag for the safe and easy administration of fluids and electrolytes to calves. O.5ltr graduations. Tube extends 900mm with 570mm probe.

Agrihealth Tail Tape - 25mmx50m - White

A quality tape used for identification of livestock. It is normally used for cows with mastitis or to identify different calving batch. The tape colour can be easily seen at an observable distance. It is inexpensive and easily carried.

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Bekina Steplite SolidGrip & XCI - 43/9

The Bekina Insoles are high quality insoles that are suitable for use in all Bekina Boots. The Insoles are designed to be comfortable, shock absorbing and odour resistant, this is achieved using the three layer design. Bekina Insoles Three Layer Design Layer 1: The bottom layer is slip resistant, this ensures that the insole stays in place and improves comfort. This layer is also odour resistant. Layer 2: The middle layer is designed for comfort. This layer is also shock absorbing which helps to protect your legs and spine from everyday abuse. Layer 3: The top layer is wear resistant, this protects the insole and extends the life of the insole. This layer also has antimicrobial treatment which kills microbes and helps to prevent odours. Features of the Bekina Insoles Suitable for SolidGrip and Xci Three layer design Comfortable Shock absorbing Odour resistant Long lasting