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Little Softy Starter Teat

The Little Softy lamb/kid teat has been designed especially for use in the gravity lamb feeders. The Little Softy features the same inverted-tip design as the Big Softy calf teat, that is, fastflow for hungry animals, and a non-leak quality. The Little Softy teat will fit straight into any feeders using standard calf teats. This enables any of these type calf feeders to be easily converted to lamb or kid feeding. NB: The Little Softy is a very soft starter teat. It will not stand up to heavy use by older lambs and kids. Teats should be changed to the Regular lamb/kid teat at that stage.
Brand: Shoof
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Excal Regular Teat

The Grower lamb/kid teat is designed to replace the Little Softy (white) lamb/kid starter teat as the animals get stronger and start chewing the teats. This black teat is made of stronger, harder rubber that is longer lasting than the Little Softy teat. For use in the lamb rail bucket.

Bucket Bar Teat - White

Single soft Lamb teat tor bucket bar feeder

Lamb Teat/Big Softy Teat Elbow - Orange

The EXCAL teat intake elbow is supplied with stop valve. The stop-valve model enhances suckling for newborn or weak calves. The intake elbow fits directly into the back of the teat and ensures suction from the very bottom of the bucket or feeder. Orange valve fitted with additional valve.

Non-Vac Lamb Bottle

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