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Agrihealth Bullholder Tongs

The Bull Holder Tongs is a stainless steel device used on cattle to control them when drenching them or doing any tasks that requires you to handle the animal. It features long strong body and rubber end gripped handles. The bull holder thongs are inserted into the nostrils and squeezed together to gain control over the animal. It is 19'' long and has durable strength to carry out the task.

Alternative Cattle Hoist

A first class cow lift that raises the hindquarters of the cow. Triple tubing with easy adjustments allows up to 900kg (1984lbs) of lifting force. Opens up to 1m.

Budget Bullholder Spring Type

A popular show lead suitable for calves and small breeds. Spiral spring lock at the tail of the device. It is very easy to insert and remove

Bull Collar - Olive Green

Very sturdy nylon collars due to their width and double closure. Leather reinforcement. With oval link and D-ring.

Length: 1.5m.
Width: 5cm.

Bull Cotton Halter - Natural

Cotton rope bull halter with integrated leash, pre-knotted, ideal for quick catching and attaching- 24mm x 4.2m

Bull Cotton Show Halter - White

Cotton rope bull halter with integrated leash, pre-knotted, ideal for quick catching and showing - 24mm x 4.2m

Bull Leader Shaft Type - No Handle

Spring loaded Bull Leader fits 28mm / 1" shaft

Bullholder Heavy Duty - Small

A popular show lead suitable for cattle and bulls. It is made up of strong and heavy duty stainless steel and coil spring with protective release cover. It is very easy to insert and remove. It is used for handling as well as controlling the cattle in the shows. It has a length of 16.5cm .

Bullholder Heavy Duty with Coiled Spring

Strong and robust heavy duty bullholder with spring cover.

Bullholder No.1 High Quality

Spring loaded alloy finish Hiatts brand No.1 bullholder.

Bullholder Spring Type Premium

Spring loaded bullholder that is easy to attach and remove with a bright steel finish. Very Reliable. Length 11cm Long, Width 7cm.

Bullholder With Rope

Supplied with 1.5m of good quality poly-rope for extra safety. Stainless steel.