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Flectron Fly Tag Applicator

For use with Flectron Fly Ear Tags

Twenty One

Twenty One is a uniquely formulated product for professional use against flies in poultry, pig and livestock housing. Twenty One can either be diluted in water and sprayed onto walls or floors, or mixed into a thicker emulsion to be painted onto boards and hung in the unit. Twenty One contains fly pheromones and attractants that lure the flies to the treated area for fast and effective control.

Azamethiphos is the fastest chemical on the UK market - Flies will die within seconds of contact or ingestion
-The only product available that can be both sprayed and painted
-Effective for 12 weeks
-Attracts Insects fast with pheromones and attractants.
-See results straight away, kills the fly almost instantly.

4x250g sachets

Twenty One Pump Sprayer

For use for application of Twenty One Fly bait.

5 litre capacity

Perbio Choc R.T.U. - 5lt

The strongest oil based ready to use insecticide available to the UK farmer.

Perbio Choc RTU contains 0.64% Permethrin and 0.63% Tetramethrin for a quick knock down and long term residual on most flying and crawling insects. Since its launch over 8 years ago it is one of the most popular ready to use insecticides available.

The residual can last for up to 3 months ensuring the treated area remains pest free for a long length of time. For use against flying and crawling insects including red mite, litter beetle, flies, wasps, ants, fleas, stored product pests, and much more. For use in and around farm buildings, dairies, animal housing plus amenity areas, sewage works, refuse disposal and waste storage areas. • Can either be sprayed or fogged • Surface spray – 50ml product to 6.25 square metres • Space treatment – 0.4ml product to 1 cubic metre (5lts treats 12,500 cubic metres)

Alphi - 1kg

Twenty One Alphi is a highly effective adulticide for treating Litter Beetle in Livestock and Poultry housing. Litter beetle can be very destructive and have been known to undermine the structure of some poultry units. They are also a known vector of disease. In broiler units the key issues of litter beetle appears at turnaround of chickens. As soon as the shed is emptied and food is removed in preparation for cleaning the beetles will migrate to cracks and crevices in the walls.

Once the disinfection and clean is done and chickens and feed are reintroduced the beetles will migrate back into the shed with all the disease that may have been prevalent before the deep clean. See image showing how Alphi should be applied before and after the deep clean around the base of the walls to control beetles in their migration to and from the walls.

Digrain Control Spray

A powerful insect spray combining the fast knock down properties of Tetramethrin and residual action of Permethrin. No need to carry two cans around for crawling and flying insects when this does both.

Giant 600ml (professional only) can for both flying & Crawling insects