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Flexi Continental 3 Ring Jointed Gag - 14.0cm/5.5"

Kinder then a traditional metal bit as the polyurethane covering is warmer and softer in the horses mouth The mouthpiece is covered with polyurethane The strength of the bit can be altered by lowering the rein onto another ring which adjusts the poll pressure Can be used with one or two reins as well as rounding's The jointed mouthpiece applies mild pressure on the mouth.
Brand: Flexi-Bit
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SKU: 206753
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Flexi Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle - 14.0cm/5.5"

Flexi Bits are made from high quality polyurethane which has been moulded around a core of stainless steel. The flexi mouthpiece is `warmer` than a traditional stainless steel mouthpiece. Flexi mouthpieces are a good choice for younger horses and those with a sensitive mouth. The bit applies mild pressure on the mouth.

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