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Fencing Accessories

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Circuit Breaker

A robust and simple electric fence switch used to insulate sections of a fence system, specifically designed for high voltage fence lines.

Cut Off Switch

The multi rotary Fence Cut Off Switch is the ideal and practical on, off and changeover switch for your fencing system. The Cut Off Switch comes with 4 options and has the ability to switch two separate fence systems at the same time. As well as that, the multi-rotary Switch is also idea for mains operated fence lines.

Earthrod - 1m

Replace earth rod for energisers

Fenceman Warning Sign

The Fenceman Warning Sign is a durable, yellow plastic warning sign suitable for any electrical fencing system. It can be fixed quickly and easily to the fence and it is particularly useful in areas where the public have access.

Line Connector - 2-line

Features a teeth-free clasp allowing a secure connection without the risk of wire or tape shredding over time.

Line Connector - Universal

Features a teeth-free clasp allowing a secure connection without the risk of wire or tape shredding over time.


Screw-in device for all drilling machines, takes insulators

Mains Adaptor

Used to connect Fenceman CP Energisers (CP900 & CP 1900) to the mains.

Tester 6 Light

10kv controller has 6 lights can be used from 1,000 - 10,000 volts.

Tester Digital Voltmeter

This digital fence tester is a highly reliable voltage tester and an essential if you have electric fencing. Will accurately measure voltages of between 0 and 9,900 volts at the fence. Comes with a 9 V battery included.

Tester One Lamp

Fenceman One Lamp Tester Electric fencing line tester The prong goes into the ground and then the tester wire attaches to the fencing tape Bulb will light up to indicate the fence is active Unit also features a test button

Undergate Cable - 100m - Black

The 1.6mm Fenceman Underground Cable is the ideal cable for carrying current underground and under gates. With a galvanised steel wire, the Fenceman Cable is insulated with high density polyethylene coating. The Underground Cable can carry up to 12,000 volts, with the strong insulation preventing any power loss when passing through the plastic piping.