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Farmtrak SB1 Safety - 46/11

The FARMTRAK F-Thread SB1 is a strong flexibly lightweight and waterproof boot. Designed for constantly damp and harsh environments the F-Thread SB1 is a full safety boot including steel toe and steel midsole for optimum safety.For all on-farm environments. Unique thread design for multiple surface conditions.Protective Steel Toe Cap. Penetration Resistant Steel Base.
Brand: Farmtrak
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SKU: 147524
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Long Sleeve Parlour Top - Medium - Navy

Designed for Farmers by Farmers. Unique combination of polyester and polyrethane material. Waterproof breathable comfortable to wear and durable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Long sleeve with elasticated cuffs. Incorporating a pocket on right hip. Neck with zip fastening for comfort. Fully machine washable. 100% PU outer material.

Over Trousers - Medium - Green

Designed for Farmers by Farmers. Unique combination of polyester and polyrethane material. The trousers are light flexible comfortable to wear and feature an elasticated waist. Specially designed to be fully waterproof yet breathable for comfort when it is worn. Side pocket opening on both sides. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Fully machine washable. 100% PU outer material.

NS Slurrycare - 1kg

Slurrycare is a slurry additive designed to increase the bacteria level of the slurry. It helps reduce "crust" formation and keep the slurry in an easy to spread liquid form. Slurrycare is a management tool designed to reduce costs and enhance the fertilising qualities of slurry. The complex of fibre-digesting bacteria and enzymes makes Slurrycare suitable for all slurry stores, pits and slatted buildings, ensuring that the resulting liquid is always ready for spreading. Slurrycare reduces both labour and diesel costs, and saves time by removing the need for prolonged agitation. Slurrycare can be introduced at any stage, but the objective should be to inoculate the pit or holding tank before filling. This requires a lower lever of inoculation as the bacteria have time to multiply as the store fills - maintaining liquidity. One kg of Slurrycare will treat 33000 gallons of slurry.

NS Stock Boost - 2.5lt

STOCK BOOST IS A COMPLIMENTARY FEEDINGSTUFF SUITABLE FOR BULLS, COWS, CALVES AND WEAN LINGS. Stock Boost is a concentrated supplement containing MACC Chelates which are fully protected to ensure a high level of Bio-availability. this product has been formulated for the correction of deficiencies and imbalances in vitamins and trace elements in Live Stock of all ages. Stock Boost Contains Omega 3 for improved Health and Fertility and Milk Yield. Helps to improve: • Fertility & Quality of Colostrum • Calf Viability and Growth • Response to Vaccine • Recovery following disease challenges Usage • Four weeks prior to mating or flushing • Ten days before calving • At drying off • Cow after difficult calving • Cows/Calves that need a tonic • Cows after any veterinary treatment • Calves 2 weeks after birth Directions Cows – 60 mls at drying off and returns to service – 60 mis – 7 to 1 0 days pre-calving – 60 mis – 1 to 3 weeks after calving Calves – 5 mls per 50 Kg bodyweight (initial double dose if calf is poor) Adult – 5 mls per 50 Kgs of bodyweight