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Ectoflits Sheep Dip - 3lt

Ectoflits is used for the protection and treatment of blowfly strike, keds, lice, ticks, and scab infestations in sheep. It has 35 day withdrawal period for meat production. It is not suitable for Sheep producing Milk for human consumption. It should be mixed at 3 litres to 1000 gallons. Approved for the control of sheep scab, fly strike, lice and keds in one treatment 35 day meat withhold 3 litre can dips 500 sheep Improved flock performance 1:1500 dilution Dispensing kit available for safe handling Special Warnings Sheep should never be dipped on a full stomach, when the wool is wet, or when they are heated, tired, thirsty, or suffering from wounds or open sores. Choose a cool dry day and dip early in the morning. Rams and fat sheep should be assisted through the bath and lambs dipped separately from the ewes. It is important to ensure that sheep do not swallow or inhale any wash. As this is an organophosphorus sheep dip, an interval of at least 14 days should be observed between dipping and dosing with any drench etc., containing levamisole or an organophosphorus mixture.

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