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Double Calf Bucket Bracket

Metal bracket for supporting the double calf feeder bucket - 155670
Brand: Agrihealth
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Express Gas Refill

Providing better performance levels than a simple butane cartridge, this butane/propane/propene cartridge Cat. No. 456 has been designed for use with Alios, Arkos and Daos (with gas cartridge) dehorners.

Gas cartridge with foam barrier. Enables the cartridge to be turned upside-down safely.

Cow Immobiliser Extra Heavy Duty Springs - 9mm

Replacement springs for cow immobiliser

Spiked Metal Suckling Preventor

Using a Spiked Anti Suckler will let a weanling stay with the herd during the weaning process. A tried and tested method of weaning and is made from a durable aluminum so that is can be disinfected and used over and over again.

The Spiked Anti Suckler is attached in between the nostrils of the weanling/ animal sucking another animal. It fully adjustable and lightweight and will not irritate the weanling. When the animal tries to suckle from the cow the strategically placed spikes will irritate the cow and she will back away from the weanling. This means the mother will wean herself and encourage the weanling to eat more

Aesculap Redwood Hoof Knife - Double Edge

The Aesculap hoof knife is made of high-quality stainless steel and is equipped with a polished long straight blade with sharp cutting- edge for a long performance. The ergonomic redwood handle balances with the shape of the blade. The rustproof stainless steel is carefully finished and makes the hoof knife most suitable for hard hooves and claws meeting the highest requirements.

Enables a first-class natural trim quickly, efficiently, and safely.