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Alios Gas Dehorner

The Alios gas dehorner designed by Express Farming can be used to dehorn cattle up to four weeks old in a simple and effective manner. The gas cartridge provides an operating time of approximately two hours and reaches operating temperature in less than 2 minutes!

Only three seconds per horn is needed thanks to its 350W of power.

Has no visible flame and features automatic Piezo ignition that can be changed without tools in a few seconds.

This tool is safe for use in damp conditions and can be operated in all positions and can be used in temperatures as low as 14°F.

Alios/Arkos/Daos Spare 17/19mm Tip

Spare reversable 17 & 19mm tip suitable for Alios, Arkos and Daos Express dehorners.

Arkos Pistol Grip Dehorner

The 'one finger trigger' design not only makes for an extremely user friendly tool but also acts as a safety feature providing for easy ignition and shutdown. Can be operated in all positions. This dehorner ignites quickly even in cold weather reaching working temperatures of 700 degrees Celsius in about 70 seconds.

Its reversible tip (internal Ø 17 and 19 mm) makes it possible to adapt to individual cattle.

Very light (550 g including cartridge) and compact providing an operating time of approximately two hours..

Entirely safe for use in damp conditions, rapid and powerful, and with no visible flame, it provides a high level of safety for users.

Arkos Pistol Grip Dehorner Trigger

Replacement Trigger for Express Arkos Pistol Grip dehorner

Calor Bit & Pins

Replacement bit & pins for Calor dehorner

Calor Dehorner Complete Head

Complete replacement head for calor type gas dehorner

Calor Gas Dehorner Jet

Replacement jet for Calor type gas dehorner

Calor Gas Dehorner Tubing

Replacement tubing for Calor type gas dehorner.

Tubing length :2m

Calor Regulator Adjustable Click-On

Standard Click-on gas regulator. For Northern Ireland/Ireland customers only.

Dehorner Barnes - 13"

A Barnes dehorner is a hinged, closed set of sharp scoops which is placed over the horn against the base and surrounding skin. Opening the handles forces the cutting edges together, slicing through the skin and under the horn.

Easily handled.
Metal handles.
Blade aperture 70mm.
13in suitable for calves