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Combination Screw-In - 25

These insulators are perfect for poly-tape, poly-rope and wire electric fences. They are designed to hold both tape up to 20mm wide and rope up to 7mm thick so you can change according to what animal you are enclosing at any one time. Because of the design, the tape is held away from the fence about 1.5". This makes these the ideal choice when your posts are knarled or twisted in some way. No more having to remove and realign the fenceposts just to have an effective stretch of electric fencing. Like the other screw in insulators, it's always best to drill a hole in the fencepost first as the strain can sometimes damage the insulator.
Brand: Fenceman
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SKU: 156983
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Standard Gate Handle - Black

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Screw-In Ring - 25

Screw In Insulators are made with highly durable polyethylene plastic and a metal screw. They are very simple to use. Simply screw the insulators into a wooden post and string your electric wire, rope or tape through to create an effective fence.