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Left Elevated Cattle Shoe - Medium - Yellow

Shoof Cattle Shoe is used to help in the treatment of lameness in cattle. Elevation of the healthy claw gives relief to the affected claw, assisting in a speedy recovery.

It is purposefully constructed in a very open manner. This allows the hoof to “breathe” which is essential for a fast recovery. The medication and bandage supplied with the Shoof are also essential for successful treatment. The Shoof copper-sulphate medication is effective in curing and hardening the hoof-horn, even in the worst conditions. The special Shoof bandage supplied acts like a filter, keeping dirt out and the copper-sulphate in, even if the animal is walking in very bad conditions (eg: dairy farm roads and yards, and muddy paddocks).

Cattle Shoof can be re-used many times with the Shoof Refill-Kit. Non-standard bandage or medication may cause failure of Shoof. Each Cattle Shoof will last years of re-use.

Shoof kit comes complete with a copper sulphate sachet, a special bandage along with the heavy duty plastic shoe.
Brand: Shoof
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