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Cattle Breeding

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Cito Thawing Unit

The correct thawing of Cattle Bull semen is critical to ensuring that the maximum quantity of sperm stay viable.

Features of the Cito Semen Thawer are:
Can be powered from standard 3-pin (220v) plug or car charger (12v) (included)
LED visual temperature indicators, red while heating and green when correct temperature
Temperature monitor strip included

Kamar Heatmount Detectors

Kamar Heatmount Detectors contain a built-in timing mechanism designed to be activated by standing heat behavior. A strong liquid adhesive is provided to securely fasten the Kamar Detector to the cow.

The timing mechanism in all Kamar Heatmount Detectors helps distinguish between true standing heat versus false mounting activity. Standing heat behavior in the bovine is the most reliable sign that a cow is ready to be bred. Kamar provides a proven, accurate indicator to help improve your A. I. program.
Pack of 25