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Bekina StepliteX SolidGrip - 43/9

StepliteX SolidGrip sturdy outdoor wellies for men and women without steel toecap and steel sole, non-slip, wide fit, resistant to water, mud or detergents, insulating up to - 30 degrees, green StepliteX SolidGrip invites you to walk. The wider fitting and excellent suppleness of the material makes it particularly comfortable to wear. Moreover, the SRC certified sole profile guarantees maximum grip on any terrain. The shock absorbing heel prevents getting painful legs and joints after a long walk. You only have to wear them once to be convinced! All our boots are made from NEOTANE, a high-quality polyurethane. That is why our boots are lighter and stronger and last longer than PVC or rubber boots.
Brand: Bekina
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SKU: 128420
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