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Bekina Steplite EasyGrip - 48/13

Steplite EasyGrip outdoor wellies for men and women without steel toecap and steel sole, non-slip, moisture absorbent insoles, feather-light, insulating up to - 20 degrees, green Steplite EasyGrip boots for leisure have become synonymous with comfort and durability. These hard-wearing NEOTANE boots with their elegant fit are feather-light, feel supple to wear and give your feet energy throughout the day. Hours of wearers' delight guaranteed! The shock absorbing heel prevents getting painful legs and joints after a long walk. These leisure boots have a handy kick-off spur so you can take them off easily without getting your hands dirty. The leisure boots have a slip resistant outsole which is SRC certified. So you can handle any slippery surface!
Brand: Bekina
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SKU: 128010
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