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Amara Half Chaps - X-Large - Black - Adult

Easy care, durable Amara half chaps. Elastic calf to ensure a secure and comfortable fit with secure bottom closure. Great quality and value for both kids and adults. Synthetic material.
Brand: Equisential
Availability: In stock
SKU: 202209
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Speedy Feeder Bottle - 2.5lt

Speedy Feeder Calf Bottle is a strong and durable three-speed milk feeder that makes stock feeding quick and easy. It is Ideal for feeding calves and foals. It is ergonomically designed for feeding either front ways or backwards.

2.5 litre capacity

Speedy Feeder Drench Attachment

Replacement probe assembly (probe with lid) to fit your standard Speedy Feeder bottle.

Calf Speedy Drencher 2.5L Bottle

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Folding Thinning Knife - Prepacked

Handy folding knife, for tidying manes and tails as required.