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Alkaline - 90ah - 9V

Alkaline batteries will remain at a higher voltage before dropping off near the end of their lifetime ensuring a more reliable fence performance. Suitable for fencers up to 0.8j.
Brand: Fenceman
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SKU: 156690
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Large Gate Handle - Black

The large gate handle is manufactured from durable plastic that is designed to withstand all weather conditions. Ergonomically shaped to provide grip, comes complete with a standard hook and uses a spring tensioning system to keep the fence taut. Its size means that it can also be used as a spool to roll up polywire and tape.

Poly Post - 90cm - White

A lightweight insulated post suitable for pasture management. The post has a UV resistant body and a pointed foot for easy installation on the ground. It provides a temporary fencing solution for horses, cattle and sheep. The post has a height of 0.90m above ground.

Pack of 10 posts

leovet Power Phaser Spray

Total protection against all insects and horse flies. Power Phaser gives seven hours of protection, even if your horse sweats.
Tested and approved by the Swiss Institute for Tropical Medicine.
An optimized blend of active ingredients guarantees stay-off effect and long-lasting effectiveness.


Agrihealth Sheep Spray Marker - Red

Agrihealth brand high quality sheep marking spray. Choice of colours that last up to 12 months. Fully scourable. British Wool Marketing Board approved.