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Agrihealth Cattle Bolus Gun

23mm diameter genertic bolus gun
Brand: Animax
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Tell Tail Paint - Green

Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint is an oil based fluorescent paint used for heat detection in cattle. The paint is easy to apply and because of its vivid colours it is easy to see your markings. Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint comes in four easy to see colours, green, blue, red and orange. When applied properly the markings can last up to 28 days. One bottle of Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint can mark up to 80 animals.

1 Litre

Tribovax 10 - 100ml

Protect against clostridial diseases such as blackleg and bacterial red water. The primary course of immunization for cattle consists of a 2 ml initial dose followed by a further 2 ml dose six weeks later. Sheep follow the same dosing program but only need a 1ml dose. In areas of high risk of infection from C. haemolyticum infection an initial vaccination regime of two doses of 4 ml is recommended. Revaccination is recommended using 2 - 4 ml, depending on severity of risk of infection from C. haemolyticum, at intervals of not less than one year. Use during pregnancy for passive protection of calves, previously vaccinated pregnant cattle should be vaccinated 2-8 weeks before calving. For an optimum immune response, calves from cows vaccinated during pregnancy should not be vaccinated until 8-12 weeks of age. Zero withdrawal for meat offal and milk. The re-vaccination plan involves a single dose every 6-12 months.

Opti-Mag 3 - 10

Opti-Mag 3 boluses aid in the maintenance of magnesium intake.Opti-Mag 3Magnesium Boli are moulded metal cylinders containing 100g of magnesium, weighted with iron shot. For use during the high risk periods associated with grazing of rapidly growing grass, by the provision of a slow release depot of magnesium. Two Opti-Mag 3 Boli should be given to each animal two or three days before the expected period of risk, e.g. before transfer from indoors to grass in the spring. If necessary repeat no later than four weeks. 1 bolus delivers 3g per day Only to be given to cattle of at least 300 kg bodyweight.

Life-Aid Xtra - 48

Life-Aid Xtra Powder for Oral Solution, is an oral rehydration product indicated for the reversal of the processes of dehydration, electrolyte loss and acidosis associated with scour in calves, whether due to nutritional, bacterial, viral or cryptosporidial causes.