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Acegon - 20ml

Indicated for the treatment of ovarian follicular cysts in cattle (cows and heifers) and in association with artificial insemination to optimise the time of ovulation. Active ingredient: Gonadorelin

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Terramycin Aerosol - 150ml

Terramycin Aerosol Spray is indicated for the treatment and control of topical infections caused by, or associated with, organisms sensitive to the action of oxytetracycline.Use in treatment for foot rot and scald in sheep and digital dermatitis in cattle. Withdrawal: MEAT AND OFFAL: Nil, MILK: Nil. Active ingredient: Oxytetracycline

Oridermyl - 10g

For the treatment of mixed ear infections due to bacteria sensitive to neomycin, yeasts sensitive to nystatin and ear mites sensitive to permethrin in dogs. Active ingredient: Permethrin, Neomycin, Nystatin, Triamcinolone acetonide

Bravecto - 250mg

Chewable tablets containing fluralaner. BRAVECTO kills fleas and prevents flea infestations for 12 weeks. Active ingredient: Fluralaner

Bravecto Plus Spot On - 250mg

Bravecto Plus spot-on solution for cats is a product for topical application containing fluralaner and moxidectin. It is for the treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestations and for the treatment of certain worms (roundworms (Toxocara cati), hookworms (Ancylostoma tubaeforme) and heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) in cats. For cats with, or at risk from, mixed parasitic infestations by ticks or fleas and ear mites, gastrointestinal nematodes or heartworm. The veterinary medicinal product is exclusively indicated when used against ticks or fleas and one or more of the other target parasites is indicated at the same time. For the treatment of tick and flea infestations in cats providing immediate and persistent flea (Ctenocephalides felis) and tick (Ixodes ricinus) killing activity for 12 weeks. Fleas and ticks must attach to the host and commence feeding in order to be exposed to the active substance. The product can be used as part of a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). For the treatment of infestations with ear mites (Otodectes cynotis). For the treatment of infections with intestinal roundworm (4th stage larvae, immature adults and adults of Toxocara cati) and hookworm (4th stage larvae, immature adults and adults of Ancylostoma tubaeforme). When administered repeatedly at a 12-week interval, the product continuously prevents heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis. Packaging Quantities Bravecto 112.5 mg / 5.6mg spot-on solution for small cats (1.2 – 2.8 kg) Bravecto 250 mg / 12.5 mg spot-on solution for medium-sized cats (>2.8 – 6.25 kg) Bravecto 500 mg / 25 mg spot-on solution for large cats (>6.25 – 12.5 kg)Not all pack sizes may be marketed.