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3M Respirator 9322

The unique three-panel design of these 3M Aura 9322+ FFP2 dust masks addresses the need for comfort, protection and practicality. The three panels allow for freedom of movement to avoid the mask slipping, while the top panel and 3M Cool Flow valve mean it integrates well with the wearer’s safety glasses. Hygienic packaging and the fold-flat design mean these 3M dust masks are convenient and practical to carry around. Learn more… • Comfortable and practical disposable respirator • Protects against moderate levels of fine dust or oil- and water-based mists • High-performance filter material reduces breathing resistance for increased comfort • Three-panel design allows for expansion around the mouth for freedom of movement • 3M CoolFlow valve reduces heat and moisture build-up to minimise risk of eyewear misting up • Embossed and sculpted top panel improves compatibility with eyewear with reduced fogging • Chin tab allows easy fitting and adjustment • Hygienic packaging avoids contamination before use for practical storage and dispensing • Fold-flat design allows easy storage and transport • Colour-coded headbands indicate FFP2 protection and offer a good fit • Maximum usage level: up to 10 times the workplace exposure limit (WEL) for particulates • Dolomite-tested to resist clogging for longer Pack of 10 masks
Brand: 3M
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