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3M Respirator 8822 - 10

Ideal for use in a variety of sanding applications, these 3M 8822 dust masks offer respiratory protection against medium-level dusts such as those found when working with cement, wood and steel. They’re easy to use with colour-coded twin straps that easily slip into place, providing a great fit around the face. These face masks also feature a 3M Cool Flow valve to reduce heat build-up and keep the wearer cool and comfortable. Learn more… • Cup-shaped disposable respirator with adjustable nose clip • 3M Cool Flow valve reduces heat build-up inside the respirator for comfort • Protects against medium-level, fine dusts and oil- or water-based mists • Sturdy inner shell and convex shape avoids collapsing in • Colour-coded twin straps to hold mask in place • Easy to use with a good, comfortable seal • Latex-free • Compatible with eye and hearing protection
Brand: 3M
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SKU: 155190
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