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Haas Kinder Box - Clear/Blue

Sturdy grooming box complete with child size grooming items.

Contents: Kids dandy brush, hoof pick, mane comb, kids curry comb, cleaning cloth, kids horsehair body brush
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Equi-Sential Multi Dandy Brush

Firm nylon bristles great for removing loose hair and mud. Come in assorted colours.

Dimensions approx. 18cmx 5.5cm

Haas Hoof Pick - Black

This Plastic Hoofpick from Haas is made of a highly durable polypropelen with dense bristles to remove dirt in and oustide the hoof. It comes with a hole so it can be hung-up. Can be cleaned in water with a mild bleach-free detergent.

Wash Brush - Green

The Haas Wash brush has longer synthetis bristles on the outside in order to get into all corners to remove dirt. Waterproof durable resin materials are used and its waterproof dense bristles are diectly incorported without any use of glue or other foreign material. Shatter resistant. Complelety washable with non-bleaching agents for better hygiene.

Curry Comb The Best - Blue

The Best Curry Comb for horses is made of stiff, durable plastic, with comfortable, yet effective teeth. The serrated edges of the curry brush are great at removing dried on mud and manure.