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Majyk Equipe Bionic Tendon Boots - Black/Silver Large

The Bionic Hybrid Performance Jump Boot is a revolutionary idea - combining a traditional looking outer with 21st Century technology. This collection brings together a traditional leather look boot with hi tech carbon infused guards and ARTi-LAGE impact response technology plus a European design with 5 distinct finishes. You'll get the look of customized boots but at a fraction of the price and with ultimate protection for your horse too. Neoprene-free liners offer a breathable eco-system for your horse's legs and can be removed for easy cleaning. Sold as a Pair. Wipe down. Removable Liners.
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Turinga Show Jacket - Navy - Ladies - 36

This especially elegant show jacket boasts a perfect fit and will help any rider shine at tournaments. Elastic, breathable and lightweight fabric for a perfect fit. Body-hugging, fitted cut for a sporty look with 4-button trim and concealed zip, two outer pockets with concealed zips and two riding slits. Water-repellent material with up to a 3000 mm water column. Outer material: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane. Inner Layer: 100% Polyester

Ella Ladies Riding Leggings - 38 - Night Blue

Classic standard riding leggings with the highest degree of wearer comfort.
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EquiSential Fur Girth Sleeve - Black

Fits easily over a standard width girth, providing extra protection forlong hours in the saddle. Made in Ireland.

Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin Tendon Jump Boot - Full

This boot is uniquely moulded in two parts from German grade BASF TPU. The outer boot is carefully engineered so that the main part of the boot is soft enough to wrap comfortably around your horse’s leg and flex with movement, while the harder strike plate area is built to withstand shock at a much higher level than most single mould soft touch boots. The boot is heat sealed to form an unbreakable bond. The addition of extra-large vents lined with micro mesh filters allows generous air flow. Cool air helps prevent overheating of the lower leg, a leading cause in bowed tendons and suspensory injuries.

Inside the Strike Guard there is a secondary layer of ARTi-LAGE protection. The inner foam is NEOPRENE FREE. This inner Bio foam helps prevent the heat build-up. This makes it the perfect choice for the sensitive horse and helps keep your boots fresh and sanitary for longer.

Also contains an extra layer of Impact Protection all over, bonded to the inner foam, making this boot a Professional Level Boot. High Quality closures and brass studs finish the look perfectly.