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Equi-Sential Reflect Whip - Blue

Coloured nylon with reflective material. For better visibility and safety.

Brand: Equisential
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My Poultry Electrolyte & Vit C

Electrolyte & Vit C is a complementary feed for viral support, enhanced well being and performance. Ideal for use to help counteract negative outcomes of heat stress by providing lost nutrients when feed intake drops.

100g sachet

Leovet Winter Treats - Sweet Apple-Spelt-Vanilla

Healthy treats made with natural ingredients to ensure the best for your horse.

Sweet Apple naturally strengthens the respiratory tract and the immune system.
Spelt has a positive and tolerable effect of digestion and gently cleanses the intestinal tract.
Vanilla contains antibacterial properties, which can help lower stress on the body and protect your immune system.

Limited edition 1500g Tub with attached gift.

Standard Gate Handle - Black

Fenceman standard gate handle is designed for maximum strength. The spring protects against over extension and ensures longer life. The insulation keeps the spring free from rust and a convenient solution to electrify gate ways. Available in a range of colours. (WZ 600)

Non-Vac Lamb Teat

For use with the non-vacuum bottle. It is soft and easy to use for newborn lambs. It is an ideal teat for early weeks of life.