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Silvermoor Rope Kit

To get your Silvermoor Swingers swinging you will need this handy rope kit!

146cm in length
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Note Swingers should be hung away from any surfaces. 

Note Swingers should be hung away from any surfaces. 

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Haas Hoof Pick - Black

This Plastic Hoofpick from Haas is made of a highly durable polypropelen with dense bristles to remove dirt in and oustide the hoof. It comes with a hole so it can be hung-up. Can be cleaned in water with a mild bleach-free detergent.

Silvermoor Swingers - Gorgeous Grass

Silvermoor Swingers is the only hanging forage block made from 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar. The innovative design attaches to the rope (which can be bought separately) and is hung from a height in your stable. There are no corners so your horse will not be able to grab at it and gobble it down.

The unique swinging design means the horse has to work to be able to eat it. This means it cannot be eaten quickly and will take longer to eat than similarly sized traditional blocks of forage. Eating regularly promotes saliva production which buffers stomach acids and helps prevent against gastric ulcers.

Silvermoor Swingers are low in sugar and low in starch. They provide a healthy addition to be used to compliment the horses’ diet and can help manage weight. Gorgeous Grass flavour are safe to use for laminitics and good doers as well as insulin resistant horses and those suffering from EMS.

Peacock Rings & Leathers Prepacked

For safety iron set.