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Bovimax Cow Magnet Applicator

For application of the Bovimax cow magnet (181170)
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Terra Udder Hair Remover Gas Canister

This 340 g butane / propane cartridge Cat. No. 556 has been designed for use with the Terra portable hair remover.

Providing better performance levels than a simple butane cartridge.

Agrihealth Tail Tape - Green

A quality tape used for identification of livestock. It is normally used for cows with mastitis or to identify different calving batch. The tape colour can be easily seen at an observable distance. It is inexpensive and easy to carry.

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Agriject Disposable Syringe - 20ml

These disposable syringes are simple pump syringes used for administrating injections. The syringe has a plunger at the back which can be pushed and pulled to help the flow of medication. The plastic tube body has scale markings on the side of the body to read the medication level. The syringes are clear, sterile and they are available in different sizes. All syringes are individually packed and single use only.

Pack of 30

Calor Gas Dehorner Jet

Replacement jet for Calor type gas dehorner