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Bovimax Cow Magnet

Cow magnets are a recognised way to help prevent the impact on Hardware Disease on a dairy herd.

Cows fed on TMR, and even while grazing, can be exposed to wire and other metallic objects more often than you may realise.

Wires, and other metallic objects can get into a cow’s stomach and often go on to cause problems. When wires sit in the reticulum (second stomach) they are only inches from the liver, spleen, heart and lungs.

The wires become trapped in the honeycomb lining of the reticulum, where the digestive motions of the stomach acts to puncture, and then push them through. The wires then move the few inches towards the vital organs.

They are easy to insert with a bolus gun and remain safely in the stomach of the cow for her lifetime holding any metal objects there so that they do not pass through to the reticulum.

Cage system, super strong ABS protective cage. Ferrous material clings inside cage
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Sold as a single magnet

Applicator available to purchase seperate - 181180

Sold as a single magnet

Applicator available to purchase seperate - 181180

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