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Calf Nylon Collar - Blue

Calf collar, leather reinforced adjustable strap with swivel attaching point.
80cm x 4cm
Brand: Agrihealth
Availability: In stock
SKU: 179710
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Sheep Cotton Halter - White

The Cotton Halter is an incredibly soft cotton rope often used for sheep and lambs. It has a thickness of 8 mm and is expandable up to 1.8 m. It is easily adjustable and fits behind the ears and around the muzzle. The cotton halter is designed to catch, hold, lead and tie sheep and lambs.

Bullholder Spring Type Premium

Spring loaded bullholder that is easy to attach and remove with a bright steel finish. Very Reliable. Length 11cm Long, Width 7cm.

Airflow Heavy Duty Builders Bucket - 15lt - Black

3 gallon (15L) quality builders bucket calibrated in gallons and litres. With gripper handle and pourer.

Calf Cotton Halter - White

Cotton rope halter with integrated lease, making it comfortable for the animal, and less likely to cause itch or irritation to the animal. It is designed to lead, tie or restrain livestock if necessary.

12mm x 3.6m