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Valueline Disposable Syringe - 30ml

Disposable centre tip syringes, 3-component.

Pack of 30
Brand: Krusse
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Dr. Larson's Dehorning Paste is convenient, easy to administer syringe that provides easy application; no blood, infections or trauma caused by dehorners and saws. Special tip allows paste to penetrate horn bud and quickly deliver material that inhibits bud development. Contains potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. Apply to horn buttons of calves from 1-7 days old, as soon as buttons are felt. Can be used on calves up to 8 weeks old.


Castration Ring Applicator

Metal applicator for administration of rubber rings to lambs tails.

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Single use needles designed for the veterinary profession. Made of high quality stainless steel. Paper-film peel pack.

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