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Single Calf Bucket Spare Bracket - Metal

Metal replacement bracket for round bucket with flat front and back sides (150120).
Brand: Agrihealth
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Storm - 3kg

Storm is a potent anti-coagulant rodenticide effective against all species of rats & mice, including those resistant to other products.

Wax Blocks

Active Ingredient: flocoumafen

Golden Hoof Plus - 20kg

Golden Hoof Zinc Sulphate Plus is designed to help with the health of sheep hooves, containing a zinc sulphate that will penetrate easily. The formula also features an activating agent that will ensure it mixes well, meaning no wastage. Zinc sulphate to help with penetration. Activating agent for easy mixing

Milkmaster Gloves- Large

These nitrile gloves are 30cm long for comfortable protection and will keep you away from allergy-inducing thiurames, thiazoles and latex proteins.

- Free of latex and powder
- Provides comfortable protection
- Non-sterile gloves
- High resistance thick gloves

This pack contains 50 gloves.

Stainless Steel Bullring - 3"

Vital to cattle restraint and control, bull rings are integral to livestock management. This bull ring is made of quality stainless steel that does not rust or corrode easily. The long sharp point of the self-piercing ring cuts a clean hole as you insert it into the nasal septum of the animal. No other attachments or tools are necessary with this self-piercing bull ring.