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Hiko Bucket Bar Feeder No Teat

Bucket Bar unit without no teat
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Hiko Cross Cut Calf Teat - 100mm - White

Original HIKO replacement calf teat made from natural rubber in white, 100mm long, normal hard with cross cut.

Copper Bullring - 2.75"

The Bull Ring is a round copper metal ring used for controlling bulls. The ring is designed for controlling or handling cattle. The ring is easy to apply, but normally done by experts. It is usually placed on a bull between 9 to 12 months of age. The ring is made up of hinged semi-circles jointed with the help of a small bolt.

Non-Vac Lamb Bottle

Lamb feeding bottle complete with non-vacuum forming teat.


Prima Tech Bottle Mounted Vaccinator Value Pack - 0.25-6ml

A value line self contained, one-handed vaccinator allowing full mobility without returning to the bottle or using a hose. The vaccinator is designed to allow efficient and effective application on cattle. The V shape handle allows secure handling and a fully adjustable dose setting ensures accuracy in administration of the medicine. The vaccinator is easy to clean and re-lubrication gives better performance and longer life. It comes with 2 quick fit bottle mounts, 3 bottle collars, lubricant, and instruction booklet enclosed. (Needles are not included in the pack).