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FarmPro Livestock Cordless Clipper

The FarmPro Livestock Clipper 2400rpm is a highly durable livestock clipper in an ergonomic design that reduces operator fatigue and discomfort. This powerful clippers is suitable for use with dirty cattle and sheep. Ideal for use where mains power is not accessible, or where safety is an issue. There are no long leads for you or your animals to get caught in. The battery will let you clip for approximately 60 minutes, and has a recharge time of 90 minutes. This set comes with 2 rechargeable batteries so one can be charging while the other is in use. It comes with a high-grade tool steel blade which can be easily changed to another for your convenience.

This clipper set comes in a convenient case with place for all the accessories. Included with the set is the clippers, high-grade tool steel blades, 2 rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, high quality clipper oil, cleaning brush and multi tool.
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leovet Power Phaser Spray

Total protection against all insects and horse flies. Power Phaser gives seven hours of protection, even if your horse sweats.
Tested and approved by the Swiss Institute for Tropical Medicine.
An optimized blend of active ingredients guarantees stay-off effect and long-lasting effectiveness.


Intra Repiderma Spray

Repiderma is a protective hoof and dermal spray that gives visible results after the 1st day! With its unique and patented formulation, Intra Repiderma is unlike any other spray in the market. By spraying micronized organic powder minerals, Intra Repiderma forms a protective layer which has a very strong adhesion to provide the optimal contact time to the hooves and skin. Last but not least, the product is safe to use for the farmer, the animal and the environment.

- Patented antibiotic free product
- Protective layer for the hooves and skin
- Strong adhesion, for at least 3 days
- Sprays in every angle, even upside down
- 80-100 applications: hoof, udder cleft, dehorning, navel and skin care

250ml can

Pullover Teat - 2 pack

Flexable teat ideal for 'pulling over' the top of bottles. E.g mineral bottle

Agrihealth Stock Spray Marker - Red

Agrihealth brand marking spray ideal for short term marking when animals need to be identified. Quick and convenient marking of animals in all weather conditions. Dries instantly and has long durability. Marks remain bright even after persistent heavy rain.