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Hoofmat Premium

Blue foam filled premium mat holds 35ltr of solution. Top up after 80 cow passes. 31mm thick foam. 1.8m x 0.9m.
Brand: Shoof
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Daisy Lifter Heavy Duty - XL

The Shoof Daisy-Lifter cow lifter is designed for medium term support for a down cow. The cow is supported over a large body area, thus reducing pressure points. Fully adjustable to any size animal and manufactured from long-life materials. The Daisy Lifter is supplied as a complete kit in a handy carry bag. The X-Large model should be used for large size dairy breeds and larger beef cows. Recommended maximum lift load for the Daisy Lifter is 1,000kg.

Bovivet Stomach Drenching System

The Stomach Drenching System Bovivet MK2 is used for administering up to 50 liters of water into the animal, solutions can be added to the water and used as a milk fever preventative after calving. The stomach Drenching System is useful for rehydration. Made from strong polyurethane, keeps its flexibility at different temperatures.

Bovivet Stomach Drenching Pump

The pump is double-acting and nickel-plated.

Capacity of approx. 20l per minute. (700 ml per pump beat).