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Chinball Harness Fluid - Yellow

Coloured ink for Chinball harness.

1 litre
Brand: Shoof
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Shoof Chinball Harness

The robust harness - halter has a cone shaped device underneath which contains a freely rotating ball, working on the same principle as a ball-pen. The stainless steel ball container can be filled with ink of the desired colour. Each 0.5-litre fill is enough to mark 25-30 cows. When a cow is properly in season she will receive very clearly identifiable back markings from the bull wearing the device. Marks fade in 4 to 14 days.

HK Calving Aid Moorepark Head

Moorepark 'non-slip' head with reinforced weld for HK calving aid. Galvanised tube.

Clik Extra - 5lt

Clik Extra Pour-On prevents against blowfly strike in sheep and lambs. Clik Extra Pour-On's ​advanced formula will prevent blowfly strike for up to 19 weeks.

Active Ingredient: Dicyclanil​

Target Species: Sheep

Treats and Controls: Blowfly strike

Administration Method: Pour-On

Length of Protection: 19 Weeks

Withdrawal Time: 40 days for sheep intended for meat and offal. not recommended for sheep producing milk for human consumption

Dosage for sheep: 0.6-2 ml per 1 kg of bodyweight.